How to make money through affiliate links

How to make money through affiliate links and If you are here to earn money through Affiliate Programs / Marketing. Then you are in right place. A lot of people earn a lot of money from Affiliate Programs and I trust you that you can also earn money through this Platform.

Do you know Affiliate Marketing will Trend in the Future to Earn Money?

Recently Affiliate marketing is trending and the Future is Also bright for the same. Because Affiliate Marketing is the Best Solution to Earn money. There are a lot of companies in the market which gives you chance to do affiliates and make real money.

How to make money through affiliate links

Affiliate Marketing is the best solution to get commissions from companies to sell their products which they launched in the Market.

Let Assume, I have a Company which name is ABC Ltd. I am dealing in IT Industries and creating Softwares. Now I have created an Account Software and want to sell in India or Globally. What Strategy I will follow to sell my Software. There are Lot of Steps I will follow to sell this product like creating Google Ads, SEO, etc. But My main Steps will be Commissions.

I have decided to give 50% or 40% commissions to that user who will sell my software. That means if Sofware Cost is $2000 and You just sell this Sofware then you will get 50% of commissions from ABC Ltd. company. That means you will get approx $1000 when you get your first sale. If you get 3 or 4 Sales in a month then you can calculate how much amount you can get in a month. Sorry, I can’t Calculate because my Mathematics is not good 🙂

Which Industries will you Highest commissions Rates?

There are a lot of Industries in the Market which gives commissions rates as per their Trends. But Sofware Industries are the main ones where you can get Approx 40 to 50 Percent of Commissions. I know a lot of Peoples will do Amazon Affiliate Marketing as well but these types of Industries will give only 2 to 10 Percent of commissions which depends on products. But I suggest you focus on Sofware Industries for Affiliate Marketing and get High Commission Rates.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

These are the steps given below to start your Affiliate Marketing.

1) Define Your Platform :

First of all, you need to define your Platform to start Affiliate Marketing. You can choose any Platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatups, or Through Blog, etc. There are various Platforms where you can start your Affiliate Marketing. You just need to Share your Affiliate links with other Persons and convince them to Buy a Particular Product. You have to sell these products through your affiliate links, No matter how you convince them.

2) Define Your Niche :

After Choose your Platform for Affiliate Marketing, You have to choose your niche. That means you have to choose your Categories of products/Industries to sell their Products. If you want to Sell Software Products then your Niche will be Software and you have to Create your Blogs, Website, Facebook Page, etc in selected Niche and convince users to buy products.

3) Find Industries Affiliate Programs to Join :

After that, you have to find Industries where you can join and get your Affiliate links. For Example, Amazon is also a Company where you can join as an affiliate and sell their products through your affiliate links. There are other many companies that also worked on affiliate programs.

how to make money through affiliate links

There are the Best Companies where you can join as affiliate given below:

1. Reseller Club

2. Flipkart Affiliate

3. Amazon Associates

4. vCommission

5. BigRock Affiliate

6. DGM India

7. Yatra Affiliate

8. Admitad

9. Hostgator Affiliate

10. Optimise

11. Cuelinks

4) Create Affiliate Product Landing Page :

you have to write Contents over Website regarding the product which you want to sell through your website. In short,  you have to create a Landing page for a particular product which you want to sell to your visitor. You have to add content over the landing page related to product information, where the user can read all information regarding the product. When your landing page finished then you can share this landing page link to users through a social network website or through your blog.

5) Paid Traffic :

Now time to send traffic to your website Landing page. You can create Facebook and Google paid ads to get more traffic over your website and sell your products as per your affiliate links.

6) Search engine optimization (SEO) :

You have to do SEO as well for your website to get organic traffics and Rank your website on google. You can find some keywords and rank these over google through SEO to generate more traffic, so Users can easily come to your website and buy particular products through your affiliate link.

These all are the steps to start your Affiliate Business and Earn money. Now you know that how to make money through affiliate links

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any issues and queries then please comment below. Also need more informational articles then you can visit my website for more updates and knowledge.

Thank you 🙂

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