How to Make Money on YouTube with Your Creative Work?

If you are looking for an Article to find Creative Ways to Earn Money then this Article is for you. Here you can get information regarding How to Make Money on YouTube | how YouTubers earn money | how much does youtube pays you | how many subscribers do you need to get paid on youtube. This All Information is Important For you to Start Earning on Youtube.

Before I start this article I just want to clear to you that if you are looking Shortcut Method to Earn money over YouTube then you are in the Wrong Place. Because you have to create Creative Idea For Users and that will take time. Earn Money is Not Easy Tasks. You have to earn These from your Hardwork and Your Creative Ideas. These will Take Time to Setups over Youtube.

A lot of People Think, Advertisement is the only way to Earn Money. But You are not 100% correct, Because there are lots of other ways to earn money over Youtube. If Your Channel is on the Reputation list and has millions of subscribers, then you can Earn Money in Many ways along with Advertisement.

How to Make Money on YouTube

If you want to Earn Money over Youtube Then you have to follow these basic steps.

1) Create Youtube Channel :
2) Creative Video with New Idea.
3) Set up an AdSense account
4) Follow Youtube Guidelines & Term and Conditions.
5) Don’t Copy Another Youtube Content
6) Make an Attractive Video Thumbnails.

1) Create Youtube Channel :

Your First will be to create youtube Channel with a Unique name and content. First You need to Create Your Gmail account and can use these accounts over Youtube to create New Channel.

# First log in to Youtube Using Gmail Account.
# Then go to your Youtube Channel Page and then click Create a new channel.

How to Make Money on YouTube
# Enter You Channel Name or Brand Name and click Create Button.

How to Make Money on YouTube
Now Your Youtube Channel is Created and Now you can use the Channel Analytics page where you can get the whole Information about Your Visitor Information.

2) Creative Video with New Idea.

There are Millions of video which are already created and running over youtube with different Idea. So You don’t Need to Copy this Idea. If your Idea will be Unique then your video more chance to rank. If you are looking to grow your channel in a short time then you have to create unique content inside your video.

There is a lot of niches you can choose to start your youtube channel. You can create videos on Niche like Tech, Comedy, Motivation, Coding Tutorials, Food, Health, etc.

You can choose your niche as per your Interest and make videos as per your Skills. But One more time I am repeating that don’t copy any content from another and make your own with some creative idea.

3) Set up an AdSense account

You need to AdSense Account as well to earn money. Because AdSense account will provide you advertisement inside your videos and pay you as per visitors. You can create Your AdSense Account in Simple Steps. You need to follow YouTube’s official guide.

4) Follow Youtube Guidelines & Term and Conditions.

Before Start Channel, You have to follow Youtube Guidelines and their Terms policies. if you will not follow these Policies then your AdSense Account can be Deactivate as per youtube Norms. You can Read Youtube Term and Conditions. You have to follow these as well.

5) Don’t Copy Another Youtube Content

There are Lot of channels that use Another Channel Videos inside their own Channel. These are the copyright issue. Youtube will give you 2 Waring Only if you will use the same Or Deactivate your AdSense account if not follow Their Guidelines. So I already Told you many times that you need to create your Own Video with Your Idea. You can’t use Another Channel video without Channel Owner Permissions.

Also If you want to Use Music inside your Videos, then you can use ROYALTY-FREE Music. You can Visit Website to use Music over Your Videos. If you will use Bollywood Music for more than 20 Sec then it will create a Copyright issue. But I suggest not use any copyright music in your videos.

6) Make Attractive Video Thumbnails.

When you will upload Your Video over youtube then you can use Creative Thumbnails relative to your Video Topic. If your Thumbnail will more Attractive then your video will get more viewers. Don’t Copy Another Video Thumbnail because it will create a Copyright Issue and this will get affect your monetization.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid on youtube?

You will require at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year to get Your channel Monetize. If your channel will not fully fill these Conditions then You have to wait for unit your channel full-filled these conditions.

If you follow this Information and then You can earn On youtube. These are the Basic Steps That you need to follow to start your Channel. It will take some time but be patient and trust yourself. I know you can do that with your hard work. Use your Mind and think of some creative ideas and use these inside your video. You will get what you want.

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