How to Install Woocommerce Plugin over WordPress ?

WooCommerce is the hottest eCommerce solution for WordPress by some margin. Woocommerce is very Popular and free to use. There are approx 9% of user stores that used woo-commerce to set up their store.


What’s more, as of June 2019, WooCommerce powers around 12% of all online stores and 22% of the highest 1 million eCommerce sites. Ecommerce sales are Growings, so if you’re looking to start your online business then WooCommerce is one of the simplest decisions you’ll make.

Today I will show you how to Install Woocommerce over WordPress in a Simple Way.

How to Setup WooCommerce over your WordPress website?

WooCommerce is developed as an extension of WordPress which is that the hottest website builder on the market. this enables users to create an eCommerce website from scratch or add handcart functionality to an existing website.

As open-source software, WooCommerce is liberal to download and use. However, while the WooCommerce software is free, you continue to need an internet site name and web hosting service to set up a website, which costs money. we’ll talk more about WooCommerce pricing later in this article.

1) Find and Install the Woocommerce Plugin :

For Install Woocommerce, You can search Woocommerce Plugin through google and download it to your PC. After download, you can upload directly through WordPress Dashboard from Plugin Section.

Install Woocommerce

You can Install the Plugin directory through the WordPress site. You need to navigate to Plugins > Add New. Search “woocommerce”, and click on Install. You have to Activate this plugin when the plugin installed completely.

Activate Woocommerce

2) Setup WooCommerce Wizard

After Installation, You will get a Popup WooCommerce Wizard to setup Woocommerce over the website.
The first page of the WooCommerce setup wizard should appear as if this:

Here you have to set up some basic information about your Shop and you can enter this information as per your need. you can set up your shop address, the Product Currency that you’d like to use, and whether you plan to sell digital or physical products (or both).

WooCommerce Setup Page

Keep in mind that you can update this information later and well from woocommerce Setting sections.

3) Choose Payment :

The next Option will be the Payment section where you can choose your payment method to sell products. There will be multiple options like Paypal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, and others. you can choose all or specific as pe your need.

Woocommerce Payment

4) Configure Shipping Section :

In this section, you can set your shipping method. you can decide that how can you charge your customers for shipping. you can set flat rate shipping or you can create Locations wise shippings rates as per your need.

Shipping Section

5) Review Add-Ons :

In these steps, you will have options to set up addons over woocommerce. These addons are not required to setup woocommerce over the website. but you can review the storefront theme which is woocommerce compatible theme and you can install it as your need. Else Options are not important as per my suggestions.

Recommended Page

6) Jetpack Plugin (Optional) :

The next Option will be the Jetpack Plugin. You can Install it or skip it. Jetpack is a plugin that provides some security features and Google Analytics features and more. As per my Suggestions, you can skip this step and proceed to the next step.

Jactpack Activation

7) Final Step :

WooCommerce Store is ready and you can create your first products by clicking on the “Create a Product” Button. You will redirect to the Product Section where you can create new Products.

Final Steps

The product can be physical or digital. You can set product Price, Product Name, Product Image, and other options. When you are ready with all options then you can publish this product by clicking on the “Publish” button.

New Product

Now Product is created and Visible over the website frontend.

These are the Whole Setups to install woocommerce and setups over the website. If you need help then you can comment below. I will surely Revert you back ASAP.

Hope you Enjoyed the Article Regarding Install Woocommerce over wordpress. If you need more informational Articles then You can visit my website at and update yourself with new Informational Technologies.

Well done 🙂

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